Women are distinctive and should be served distinctively, too.

We’re mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, friends. We’re also CEOs, event chairs, business owners, and committee members. Bartlett is here to make sure your interests, passions, goals, and unique characteristics are seen and heard as you take control of your financial future.

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Holly Mazzocca, CFP® – President, Wealth Advisor, and Principal – will appear as a speaker at the inaugural Future Proof Festival in Huntington Beach, CA. Holly’s session will focus on team development and intentional succession planning.

One area of focus for the festival is  to promote equity and inclusion by providing a platform for female financial professionals. Holly joins a lineup of female leaders and industry professionals for this 4-day conference.

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Bartlett helps our clients feel comfortable, informed, and empowered to make excellent financial decisions for themselves and their families. 

We know that you’re seeking data and facts, eschewing that “leave it to the experts” mentality. You want to own the financials. You want to understand why you’re making a decision and be able to explain it to your family. We want this for you, too. We have worked with many women in similar situations, and we are here to make investment management interesting and understandable for everyone, so you can invest intelligently—on your terms.

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  • When I go on a journey with a client through a life plan, a financial plan, or anything in between, I feel the emotion with the client. So by the time we get to the end and we're crossing the finish line, I'm just as excited as they are.
    Lori Poole, CFP, RLP, Wealth Advisor, Principal
  • We need to provide a community where women can learn together. We find that when women learn together--when they have the data and the information--they can really take ownership of their financial futures.
    Holly Mazzocca, CFP, President, Wealth Advisor, Principal
  • Investing at Bartlett isn't about the competitive spirit of trying to beat the market or beat your neighbors. It’s about trying to reach your goals and make the most of what you have. Whether that's retirement, donating to the community, or investing in companies that align with your values--your investment portfolio is just one of the tools that we use to help you reach your goals.
    Aliya Riddle, CFA, Associate Investment Advisor
  • WEinvest is an initiative to better serve the female investor. We recognize that her circumstances are often very unique--managing a family, running a business, entrepreneurial endeavors, sometimes recovering from situations like the loss of a spouse or perhaps a divorce. All of these things are very unique circumstances that require specialized expertise and approach. That's what WEinvest is all about.
    Jim Hagerty, CFA, CEO, Wealth Advisor, Principal

The Bartlett Process

How we collaborate to reach your hopes and goals

We approach relationships with the intention of understanding you and your hopes, needs, and goals. It is a time for us to listen and ask questions like: What brings you joy? What does legacy mean to you?

Your advisory team begins to create a plan. We collaborate with you to develop a strategy that both your head and your heart can get excited about. As difficult decisions arise along the way, we will be there to help you through them.

We will set your plan in motion. You and your team will continually re-evaluate and adjust as your life changes. We will be looking out for your investments while you focus on building into your workplace, community, and family.

Investing in What Matters…

At Bartlett, we understand the roles women fill, the circumstances women face, and the perspectives women bring to making decisions. We’re driven and compassionate, and we invest in what matters to us.

We invest in our communities.

We are involved, engaged, and active. We care about the world around us, and we want to use our time and influence for good.

We invest in our careers.

We are motivated, determined, and accomplished. We care about our jobs, and we want our work to be productive and fulfilling.

We invest in ourselves.

We are curious, introspective, and unique. We care about who we are, and we want to nurture our minds, bodies, and spirits.

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