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  • Align your business value with personal goals.
  • Build a roadmap to maximize your opportunity set.
  • Navigate complex liquidity events.

Our goal is reaching yours.

Our team of professionals works alongside you to help cut through the noise of your complex financial life. Our holistic process starts with an exploration of your why and takes you through every stage of growing and transferring your business.

What can we help you do next in life?

Structure my financial life for a liquidity event.

We help business owners think strategically about liquidity events, knowing that preparation today can make a significant impact on the outcome of a transition.

Align my personal financial life with my business assets.

Personal and business assets are often intertwined. Bartlett can help by making a holistic plan that takes both categories of wealth into consideration and inviting key members of the family, such as a spouse not currently involved in the business or adult child poised to take ownership of the company, into the conversation.

Provide clarity around my team.

Business owners need a solid team of advisors they can count on for advice on wealth, legal considerations, tax preparation, and more. Your Bartlett team can help facilitate important conversations while keeping your financial goals front and center.

Help me bring my legacy to life.

Bartlett can help build a clear roadmap to your unique goals, providing opportunities for you to build the legacy that you envision.

Where can we help you go next?

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