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Whether as part of your investment management experience or as a standalone service, Bartlett’s financial planning team is here to help.

Our financial planners work to develop a comprehensive understanding of you in order to build a roadmap to the future you want.

We’ll take into account your retirement goals, charitable intentions, life transitions, and more to execute a dynamic plan that works for you and your family.


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for the long term


your individual needs

We look beyond the numbers to build the best path for you.

Managing an Inheritance

From multigenerational wealth to an unexpected sum, financial planning plays a critical role in nurturing inherited assets. Our team of advisors can help create a vision for your wealth with your family legacy front and center.

Planning and Funding Charitable Contributions

Our priority is to help our clients find the purpose for their wealth, and for many that involves charitable giving. At Bartlett, we can help you determine the avenues and timing of your philanthropic activities.

Tax Strategy

The tax implications of wealth management strategies can vary widely depending on a person’s individual situation and their place of residence. Our wealth advisors keep a close eye on changes to tax policies and offer strategies to safeguard wealth against unnecessary penalties.

Financial Impact of Divorce

Facing the life changes associated with divorce may be difficult enough without the additional complexity of preparing for its financial impact. Bartlett can help guide you through the financial aspects of divorce, creating a new picture of your financial life post-separation.

Birth of a Child or Grandchild

Seeking ways to benefit a new family member? Your Bartlett team can help you explore the options available, from trusts to 529 plans and beyond.

Coping Financially with an Aging Parent

Aging loved ones often have unique and complicated needs, and many aspects of their lives, including the financial piece, often end up in the care of adult children. Bartlett can take some of the stress out of the equation by evaluating a parent or loved one’s needs and creating a plan specifically for their situation.

Preparing Financially for Loss of a Spouse

Death demands that many decisions be made. Your Bartlett team is here to provide advice to help ease your money concerns after the loss of a spouse or partner.

Retirement Planning

Retirement touches all of us, yet many approach retirement with little or no planning. At Bartlett, your financial advisor begins the retirement planning process by talking with you about the lifestyle you imagine and help ground that lifestyle in reality. We offer guidance in Social

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