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  • Find purpose in your wealth.
  • Navigate complex financial decisions.
  • Put your dreams front and center.

Our goal is reaching yours.

At Bartlett, we help people live more fulfilled lives by organizing, optimizing, and managing the moving pieces of their wealth. Our team-based approach provides our clients with individualized service to help them reach their goals.

What can we help you do next in life?

Preserve my family's legacy.

What is the purpose of your wealth? How can your wealth impact those that you love and the organizations doing important work in your community? We help you think about these questions and then build a plan of action that is driven by your goals and values.

Manage major life changes.

Change is the only constant in life. Whatever your next chapter is, Bartlett is here to provide comfort in your decisions and prepare you financially to enjoy the journey.

Navigate challenging market environments

We build personalized plans of action that help ease discomfort and provide peace of mind. Our approach takes a long-term view to navigate things like market environment changes, difficult financial planning decisions, and transfers of wealth to multiple generations of family.

Find more purpose and fulfillment in my wealth

We work each day to help our clients find more purpose in their wealth and feel more confident about managing whatever comes their way, providing a roadmap to fulfillment.

Where can we help you go next?

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