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Join a team recognized for superior service.

We’ve been in business for over 125 years. Bartlett’s longevity is a testament to the expertise and integrity of our staff and our unwavering commitment to excellent client service.

Our people set us apart.

In our hiring, Bartlett looks to employ talented individuals who have a positive, upbeat attitude, who are creative and innovative in their thinking, and who are collaborative and have the drive and commitment to contribute to the overall growth and success of our firm.

We live and work by a set of beliefs commonly referred to as “The Bartlett Way.” It’s just the way we do things around here.
Teamwork makes the dream work

Promote a collegial and considerate working environment. Be collaborative, respectful, and generous. Raise your colleagues up. Ask for help when you need it and offer your own assistance generously. Lead by example to promote inclusivity and set the tone for a positive interaction. We can enjoy more success and have more fun together.

Deliver legendary client service

To be a Bartlett employee is to prioritize an excellent client experience. Do your work with professionalism, integrity, and humility. Go above and beyond to ensure clients feel cared for and listened to, whether they be external or internal. Sign your work in bold ink. Be the reason someone’s day gets that much better, easier, simpler.

Listen generously

Be a great communicator. Set aside your judgments and offer the benefit of the doubt. Offer an open mind and generous spirit to clients and colleagues alike. Let people be heard without fear of interruption. Kindness is a choice; choose it.

Growing is thriving

Lead with an entrepreneurial mindset. Think like an owner of the business. Seek continuous improvement for yourself and for Bartlett. Set lofty goals in the short- and long-term. Prepare for growth and invest in the future. Participate in a culture that seeks to provide ever-greater opportunities for colleagues, clients, and communities.

Do what's right, always

Show initiative and commit to doing what’s right. Own your responsibilities and ask for help when needed. Demonstrate respect, honesty, and maturity. Problems do not get better with age, but integrity never goes out of style. Prioritize an unwavering commitment to your code.

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