Investment Management

With seemingly endless banks and advisory firms to choose from, our clients entrust their investment management and wealth management to Bartlett, based in Cincinnati. Whether it’s because of our in-house research analysts, our team approach to service or Bartlett’s history and reputation, they turn to us for financial guidance as generations have done.  Bartlett’s investment management options include traditional investing strategies (such as equity management which strives for low-volatility and fixed income strategies) as well as alternative investment strategies, in order to build a more diversified portfolio.

While financial planning may be a component of our investment management services, as needed, it is also provided as a stand-alone service.

With the goal of protecting your wealth and preserving it for the future, we act as your fiduciary stewards. Focusing on your objectives, our wealth management team develops diversified and balanced portfolios designed to mitigate risk while striving to deliver consistent long-term results.

Equity Management

Our equity management approach follows the belief that a portfolio will outperform over the long term if we focus on the proven financial performance of a company rather than on forecasts of future earnings or economic trends. Because this investment management style creates portfolios comprised of higher-quality companies with above-average earnings, it is well-suited for investors seeking lower volatility.

Fixed Income

Bartlett is different from other investment advisors in that we believe the fixed income component of a client’s portfolio is as important and requires as much attention as its equity holdings. Since 1983, we have had a dedicated investment team focused solely on our fixed income strategies. We actively manage both taxable and tax-exempt bond portfolios and we conduct the research and due diligence that supports the bond positions held in our clients’ portfolios.

Alternative Investments

Alternative investments are opportunities outside the traditional asset classes of stocks, bonds and cash. Our wealth management team believes that alternative investments provide valuable diversification benefits to a client’s portfolio, including low correlation to traditional asset classes, consistency of returns over various market cycles, risk reduction potential and the prospect of positive returns in down markets. Bartlett’s inclusion of alternatives is intended to reduce portfolio volatility.

Environmental, Social, Governance Investing

Through Environmental, Social, Governance Investing (ESG) the portfolios of individuals and organizations are structured to reflect social concerns without compromising investment performance. Our ESG style follows the same investing discipline as our equity and fixed income fund strategies—identifying what we believe to be superior funds all while creating a portfolio that aligns with our clients’ values.

Bartlett Fund Advantage

As a wealth management option, we offer a roster of mutual funds and Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), identified and followed by our strategies team of five Bartlett investment professionals. They select appropriate funds by screening the entire universe of mutual funds and ETFs for strategic characteristics. Their due diligence focuses on a fund’s long-term returns, risk characteristics, expense ratio, tenure of the management team and consistency within their asset class. The objective is to identify superior funds with below-average expenses within desired market sectors.

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