Financial Planning

While financial planning can be a component of our investment management services, as needed, it is also provided as an independent service. We are here to help, with other financial planning scenarios including retirement planning, inheritance advice, divorce, and more.
As your Cincinnati-based financial advocates, it’s our goal to get to know you, your objectives, your position on charitable giving, your timetable for retirement and the many other personal and financial priorities that shape your aspirations.

A comprehensive understanding of you and your needs is the basis of our financial planning process. Open and ongoing communication between you and your financial advisor stimulates that understanding.

Retirement Planning

Retirement touches all of us, yet many approach retirement with little or no planning. At Bartlett, your financial advisor begins the retirement planning process by talking with you about the lifestyle you imagine and help ground that lifestyle in reality. We offer guidance in Social Security planning and explain the transition from a paycheck to using your investment assets for income. We provide income and asset projections as well as stock option exercise planning and we design and implement the re-allocation of your portfolio to achieve your objectives.

Financial Impact Of Divorce

Facing the life changes associated with divorce may be difficult enough without the additional complexity of preparing for its financial impact. We advise our divorcing clients on post-divorce budgeting, allocation and management of assets, income planning and asset projections.

Managing An Inheritance

Whether expected or not, inheriting a large sum impacts every aspect of your financial life. Financial planning plays a critical role. We will assist you in developing a total financial picture and discuss your objectives and dreams. This will be the foundation for our developing and implementing the proper allocation and investment of your assets.

Stock Option Exercise

Exercising options offers investment opportunities coupled with tax considerations. We will assist you in determining the appropriate timetable for exercising your employee stock options and in implementing the investment of the proceeds.

Birth of a Child or Grandchild

What’s the best way to put money aside for the benefit of the new addition to the family? As a component of our financial planning services we’ll talk with you about the different options available, such as trusts or 529 plans, assist you in selecting the appropriate assets to fund the account and provide the ongoing management of the portfolio.

Managing A Large Stock Position

A large stock position in a single company’s stock presents its own unique issues. We’ll work with you to determine the risks of holding the position, use methods of reducing your risk by protecting against declines in stock price and take into account the tax consequences of selling. All will be balanced against your personal financial objectives, risk tolerance and alignment with your retirement planning.

Coping Financially With Elderly Parent

Caring for an elderly parent can be stressful, so if you are taking over the management of your parent’s financial situation, you may benefit from our expertise in income planning. If your parent’s needs require additional funding from your resources, we can help you provide for your parent and protect your future by determining the appropriate investment mix for your assets.

Coping Financially With Death Of A Spouse or Life Partner

A death demands that so many decisions be made. We will use our financial planning and investment expertise to simplify this part of your life. We will assist you with the financial issues and potential impact on your retirement planning by taking into account a possible change in your income, assessing the level of debt and developing and implementing the investment plan to best meet your needs.

Planning And Funding Charitable Contributions

Giving back can create a satisfying feeling. We will assist you in the financial planning and funding your philanthropic endeavors through income assessment, portfolio value projections and by identifying the most appropriate assets to use for the gifts.

Taking Advantage Of An Early Retirement Package

The potential of early retirement is exciting, but can be unsettling. Have you accumulated enough to live the retirement you were hoping for? That’s a key consideration in your retirement planning, so our advisors will work with you to determine your appropriate retirement income level based on your accumulated wealth and the proper allocation and management of your assets to achieve it.

Estate Planning

Wealth management plays an important role in safeguarding your family or business, avoiding unnecessary taxes, ensuring that your legacy will continue, and realizing the purpose of your wealth. It is not always possible to control the future, but you can plan for it. And with proper estate planning you can protect your family and ensure your wishes are realized.

Turning transitions into new beginnings.

Whether it’s a newly empty nest, marriage, divorce, moving, a big promotion at work, aging parents, selling a business, or starting a new one…change is inevitable. At Bartlett, we’re here to help you transform life’s big transitions into possibilities. Our team of financial planning experts will partner with you to chart the best path forward to your financial future.

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