Time is Right For Short-Term Bonds in Diversified Portfolio

Now is the time for short and intermediate-term bond investments for those clients who want to create a balanced portfolio, said Brian Walker, wealth advisor at Bartlett Wealth Management.

Because of the continuing inflation that is putting pressure on the U.S. and global economies, long-term bonds do not show much promise for returns, Walker, who serves on the strategic asset allocation committee at the firm, said in an interview. The Consumer Price Index rose 7% in December.

“None of our clients are in long-term bonds,” said Walker, who added that advisors need to consider each client’s needs. But he held out little hope for long-term bonds as a stabilizing force for portfolios. Bartlett Wealth Management, which was established more than a century ago, is based in Cincinnati and has offices in Chicago. Walker focuses on the fixed income market for the firm, which serves families, professionals and some institutional clients. 

Brian Walker, CFA, discussed the role of short-term bonds in an article for Financial Advisor Magazine. Read the full story here.

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