About Bartlett: An independent RIA firm

You have seemingly unlimited options for getting investment advice. Deciding which option is a fit for you and your financial circumstances requires careful consideration. What sets Bartlett apart? First, as an independent RIA firm, we are only compensated by our clients–and that’s our incentive for serving each person well. Second, if you choose us as your wealth advisor, we believe you’ll value the distinctive Bartlett experience. Our video below gives you a brief look at Bartlett Wealth Management – a team of individuals committed to our longstanding values, responsive to the present, and focused on your future. As an independent RIA firm, our sole focus is on you and your unique needs and aspirations.

Registered Investment Advisor

Our status as an independent Registered Investment Advisory firm – independently managed – makes a difference. Our fiduciary standard of conduct, unique to RIAs, holds us at the highest possible standard of conduct for a professional investment advisor, always seeking to operate in the best interest of our clients and avoiding or disclosing and seeking to mitigate conflicts of interest. We don’t sell proprietary products or receive commission on our recommendations. Instead, we are fee-based and have access to an unlimited universe of investment options to best fit your individual circumstances.

Wealth Preservation

We understand the significance of preserving your wealth and believe that proper and proficient management is more valuable than promises of big returns. You’ve worked hard to accumulate your assets, so we look for investment opportunities focused on stability over volatility. Recognizable, larger cap stocks rather than speculative ones. Our objective is mitigating risk through balance, diversity and, importantly, extensive research and ongoing scrutiny. You’ve accumulated valuable assets. We want to keep it that way.

A Team Approach

You have a full team dedicated to serving you. It’s not just a group of people assigned to your account. It’s your team, working collectively toward a singular goal – yours. Our clients tell us they appreciate dealing with familiar faces – their advisors and a client relationship associate – who are local and always accessible. There’s a strong bench of research analysts and operational staff working behind the scenes to support you and your team.

In-House Research Analysts

At Bartlett, we want you to invest with confidence, knowing each of our recommendations has been comprehensively scrutinized by our team of local, in-house research analysts. Their sole responsibility is to identify, analyze, monitor and collaborate about investment opportunities. They meet with stock analysts, talk with specialists and study independent investment research reports to identify suitable investment opportunities. For objectivity, Bartlett encourages an environment of critical debate among researchers and advisors, ensuring sufficient examination before recommending an investment for your portfolio.

Reputation & Legacy

Bartlett was founded in 1898 and is one of the city’s oldest institutions. A notable heritage, but what does that mean for you today? It means that when you turn to Bartlett, you get the time-tested experience of a firm that has guided generations of investors through world wars, a Great Depression and recessions. We believe you get the benefit of expertise that has sustained us, allowed us to thrive and built our reputation for pursuing investment excellence with integrity.

Personal Service

While every company touts its service, at Bartlett we aim to take it to its highest level. What does that mean? Your questions will always be welcome and answered promptly. We’re proactive in picking up the phone and checking in, particularly when you need us most. You’ll be the focus of your team – and you’ll know it. Above all, you’ll be served by people of character and integrity.