Estate Planning

Leaving a Lasting Legacy

Wealth management plays an important role in safeguarding your family or business, avoiding unnecessary taxes, ensuring that your legacy will continue, and realizing the purpose of your wealth. It is not always possible to control the future, but you can plan for it. And with proper estate planning you can protect your family and ensure your wishes are realized.

Bartlett’s Financial Planning team provides rich knowledge, objective guidance and resourceful solutions to ensure you provide for the people you love and leave a lasting legacy.

Our holistic approach centers around a coordinated team effort where our wealth advisors consult with your other advisors (attorneys, accountants, tax professionals) to design and execute a strategy that combines a deep understanding of your investments, savings and overall financial goals with the proper estate plan to help shape your family’s future.

Estate Planning will help you

Developing the right strategies requires careful evaluation and assistance from a wealth management and financial planning professional. Start the conversation today.