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Company Fact Sheet

About Bartlett Wealth Management

Bartlett Wealth Management (Bartlett) is a Midwestern wealth management firm that provides customized investment management and financial planning services to high net worth individuals and families, foundations, and businesses throughout the region and beyond. The firm’s team of distinguished investment and planning professionals provides independent fiduciary counsel for its clients.

Bartlett’s status as an independent Registered Investment Advisory firm holds the company to the highest possible standard of conduct for a professional investment advisor due to its fiduciary standard of conduct. The company manages more than $6.3 billion in assets for clients across the Midwest while leveraging forward-thinking technology and cybersecurity initiatives.

The firm invests heavily in its team to position Bartlett for continued future growth, employing a mentorship program and encouraging gender and age diversity in the firm’s leadership positions to cultivate next generation leadership. Bartlett’s culture also emphasizes playing an active role in the community, encouraging leadership and team members to support local nonprofit organizations through serving on committees, boards and in other leadership positions, or volunteering.

Company History

Tracing our roots back to 1898, Bartlett has managed the investments of generations of clients through world wars, a stock market crash, the Great Depression, and recessions. It was one of the first firms to register with the Securities and Exchange Commission and became a Registered Investment Advisory firm shortly after the Investment Advisers Act of 1940 was signed.

In 2018, Bartlett joined Focus Financial Partners and rebranded itself as Bartlett Wealth Management, expanding the leadership team to 17 principals. The company has consistently grown throughout the years both organically by welcoming new clients and through strategic mergers and acquisitions. In 2019, Bartlett experienced a 57.9% increase in its assets under management and further expanded the firm’s team through a strategic merging with Lodestar Investment Counsel in Chicago.

Industry Recognition

  • Financial Advisor Magazine, Annual RIA Ranking, 2022
  • Cincinnati Business Courier, Top 25 Money Management Firms, 2022
  • Financial Advisor Magazine, Annual RIA Ranking, 2020
  • Financial Advisor Magazine, Top 50 Fastest-Growing Firms, 2020
  • Financial Times, FT 300: Top Registered Investment Advisors 2020
  • Barron’s Top 50 Registered Investment Advisory Firms, 2019
  • Bloomberg’s No. 2 Registered Investment Advisory Firm in the U.S., 2014

For information on industry recognition, please see our Award Disclosure page.

Areas of Expertise

  • Financial Planning
  • Investment Management
  • Wealth Management
  • Family Office Services

Executive Leadership

Holly H. Mazzocca, CFP®

President, Wealth Advisor, Principal

James B. Hagerty, CFA

CEO, Wealth Advisor, Principal

Robert H. Dearborn, CFA

Director, Senior Portfolio Manager

Key Products & Services

Financial Planning

Bartlett Wealth Management provides financial planning services to help clients develop a strategic plan to meet individual financial responsibilities and goals. Bartlett primarily provides guidance in the following areas as part of its financial planning services: retirement planning, inheritance advice, stock options, planning and funding charitable contributions, and estate planning. The firm’s financial planners also assist clients in planning for and navigating through challenging and unexpected life events that can have an impact on financial health, such as divorce, coping financially with an elderly parent, and the death of a spouse or life partner.


Investment Management

The firm’s in-house research analysts provide investment management guidance, employing traditional investing strategies (such as equity management) as well as alternative investment strategies to help its clients build a more diversified and balanced portfolio designed to mitigate risk, while striving to deliver consistent long-term results.


Wealth Management

Bartlett’s wealth management team designs and executes holistic plans customized to each individual’s unique financial needs and goals, helping clients manage investments that have become too complex or time-consuming to manage on their own, and/or are navigating a major life event such as a divorce or death. Bartlett’s approach leverages both its financial planning and investment management services to ensure that clients know where their money is invested, the performance of investments, and how the portfolio will achieve their financial goals.


Family Office Services

Studies show fewer than 30 percent of families successfully sustain wealth beyond the third generation. Successful families of multi-generational wealth are well-organized and planned. Bartlett compiles all family assets and liabilities into one clear and current picture of overall wealth, helping clients develop a family charter, mission, and vision to convey the purpose of a family’s wealth based on their unique and changing needs. The firm also assists in developing a governance structure to cash management, recordkeeping, and risk-management strategies to encourage a well-organized approach to multi-generational wealth.


In The News

Bartlett’s financial advisors are frequently consulted and quoted by regional and national media outlets for their counsel on financial planning, wealth management, and investment management, among other financial topics.

Following are links to recent media articles and stories that feature Bartlett and its financial advisors, as well as links to Bartlett’s most recent press releases, blog posts, and high-resolution images available for download.

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For information on industry recognition, please see our Award Disclosure page.


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