Steady and Ready: Bartlett’s 2020 Outlook

The Bartlett Wealth Management team offered a “Steady and Ready” approach to anticipating and managing economic trends in 2020 during our annual Market Outlook presentations delivered in both Cincinnati and Chicago earlier this year.

After a chaotic end to 2018 and an exceptional 2019, the phrase, “Steady and Ready” emphasizes Bartlett’s diligent efforts to tune out distractions, keep an even temperament, stay open-minded and humble, think long-term, and be flexible so we can capitalize on opportunities.

To that end, members of Bartlett’s team presented a systematic approach to recognizing factors outside of our control while prioritizing those within our control by delving into three key areas:

  • Understanding potential risks
  • Maximizing our opportunities
  • Building a long-term plan

Bartlett President and CEO Kelley Downing reflected on 2019, a year of remarkable growth and expansion for our firm. In fact, last year Bartlett experienced record growth in both the number of new client relationships and new employees while solidifying our presence in Chicago with the acquisition of a reputable local firm. We were excited to introduce Bob Dearborn, Managing Director of Bartlett’s Chicago office before Jim Hagerty facilitated discussion of the day’s central topics.

Understanding potential risks

With stock markets near record levels, it makes sense to focus on potential disruptions. What concerns us today? Kyle Pohlman led a discussion of risks that have been building in recent years as well as uncertainties unique to 2020. Throughout his analysis, Kyle highlighted many risks that should be considered in the context of portfolios and long-term plans, including the state of leading economic indicators (LEIs), negative interest rates, rising bond prices, and the upcoming presidential election.

Maximizing opportunities

Brian Antenucci followed by focusing on important positives that keep us optimistic about investing for the long haul. By taking a deeper look at the upcoming fifth-generation (5G) cellular wireless network, the Internet of Things (IOT) and artificial intelligence, Brian broke down how the changes we are expecting in these areas will be meaningful. Not only will these exciting advancements hold an impact on our current way of life, we also see how they could potentially have a positive impact on our economy and investment approach.

Building a long-term plan

Lori Poole, Bartlett Certified Financial Planner and Registered Life Planner, ,  provided perspective on how we might view these potential risks and possible opportunities in light of our personal financial journey. Lori demonstrated this by highlighting how Bartlett is managing portfolios – by staying invested but building in more safeguards — and maintaining sustainable financial plans for our clients. In the end, it is most helpful to weave your understanding of potential risks and opportunities into the context of a long-term plan.

“The founders of Bartlett set a standard of excellence, care, and close client commitment that still guide us today.  I am pleased to say that the firm is healthy, and that our dedicated team is prepared to serve you and grow with you in 2020 and in all the years ahead.”

Kelley Downing, President and CEO 

Do these topics resonate? Are you curious about how balancing risks and opportunities will be key for 2020 and beyond? We invite you to view a video recording of our full Market Outlook presentation. You can also download the PDF version of the handouts attendees received during the presentation. Click here to gain access.

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