Registered Life Planner® services Now Offered by Bartlett —what it means for you

Earlier this month, Bartlett advisors Lori Poole and Woodrow Uible earned the Registered Life Planner® (RLP®) designation after completing an intensive program at the Kinder Institute of Life Planning. Take a look at what this exciting new designation means for Bartlett clients.

The Kinder Institute offers tools and training that empower advisors connecting the dots between clients’ financial realities and the lives they want to lead. Earning the RLP® designation required both Bartlett advisors to complete a two-day training on the Seven Stages of Money Maturity—led by George Kinder himself—as well as a five-day advanced training session and a subsequent six-month mentorship program.

What is life planning?

Life planning focuses on the human side of financial planning. In life planning, advisors discover their clients’ most profound goals through a mindfulness-based process of structured and non-judgment inquiry. Then, using a mix of professional and advanced relationship skills, they work with clients to inspire them to pursue aspirations, discuss and resolve obstacles, create a concrete financial plan, and provide ongoing guidance as clients accomplish their goals.

Now that you know a bit more about life planning and the RLP® designation, get to know more about Lori and Woody, two experienced advisors committed to help clients to cultivate a life plan designed to deliver the freedom to pursue their passions, wherever they may lead.

  • In addition to the new RLP® designation, Lori Poole is also a Certified Financial Planner™ whose areas of focus include high net worth individuals, families of multigenerational wealth, and ESG investing strategies. She has a passion for extending financial literacy, especially to underrepresented groups and aspiring female leaders. She holds the bachelor of business administration degree in finance and real estate from the University of Cincinnati, where she graduated cum laude.
  • Woody Uible has experience as a Chartered Financial Analyst in addition to earning the new RLP® designation. His areas of expertise include wealth management for individuals, families and organizations; and common stock-focused investing. An active community volunteer, Woody most recently co-founded the Kautz Uible Economics Institute at his alma mater, the University of Cincinnati, where he earned a bachelor of arts degree in economics.

Reach out to your Bartlett advisor with questions about life planning or any of Bartlett’s growing suite of wealth management tools. We look forward to serving you.

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