3 Values That Drive Culture at Bartlett Wealth Management

In 2018, we renewed our commitment to the core values that guide our organization, motivating us toward the culture we hope to achieve and the reputation we strive to maintain. We summed up these tenets in a document called “The Bartlett Way”, with examples including: Make quality personal. Take pride in the quality of the things you do and touch. Ask yourself, “Is this my best work?” Everything you touch has your signature, so sign in bold ink.

Each of our Bartlett values fall under the umbrellas of Teamwork, Integrity, or Diligence and center on sharing expertise and inviting all employees to sit at the table.

  • Teamwork makes the dream work.

    When I first arrived at Bartlett in 1996, I noticed that knowledge was not well communicated throughout the organization. This created an imbalance and inhibited staff from asking questions and sharing ideas. Together, we worked to change this dynamic, bringing transparency to management by improving communication and inviting each member of the team to take ownership of their functions and effect change. We implemented open-door policies, introduced programs like Mentoring Up, and began verbally empowering employees to share their expertise and push their teammates past their next professional milestone in our regular staff meetings. Soon, the all-hands-on-deck culture we enjoy today began to emerge.

  • Integrity is contagious.

    Ethical behavior is at the root of everything we do — and not simply because we’re a financial institution. Some at Bartlett are driven by admiration for this firm and its leaders. Others have witnessed our reputation in the industry and community and want to be a part of that. These sentiments trickle down to our junior staff and grow stronger with each generation. In both our culture of compliance and our day-to-day interactions, we exercise good judgment, invest in our communities, and do the right thing — even, or perhaps especially, when no one is watching.

  • Diligence is the fire that fuels innovation.

    Bartlett people are inherently intelligent, but they are also highly trained and meticulously vetted. We hold our staff to high standards out of respect for our 120-year legacy, and I recognize this approach working when I see managers empowered to introduce fresh talent, move forward on visionary projects, and integrate new technologies without my assistance. Our leaders are confident in upholding the goals and strategies we’ve put forth as a team.

As we begin another exciting year, it’s important to remember that culture starts at the top. As CEO and leader of our Management Committee, I believe my staff shares my vision for an innovative, smart, efficient workforce with a common goal of top-notch service to our clients. We walk the talk and set an example for all employees, but when we take the time to intentionally recommit to our core values, it serves as an inspiration to both our longer-tenured employees and the younger generations of Bartlett staff following in their footsteps.

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