High Net Worth Wealth Management

Our clients include foundations and endowments, high net worth individuals and families, organizations, and for-profit and non-profit institutions—all requiring unique high net worth wealth management strategies and insights that our team provides. Although the categories of our clients differ, each expects and receives service, steadfast integrity, unbiased objectivity and a precise focus on their financial objectives.

High Net Worth Individuals and Families

Many of our clients are high net worth individuals and families spanning a diverse range of age groups and it’s not unusual for us to serve multiple generations within a family. They turn to us for guidance in articulating their goals and achieving them with an investment strategy that mitigates risk. Often, high net worth individuals and families turn to Bartlett when a significant life event affects their financial position. They may reach a point where managing their own investments becomes too complex or time-consuming. In other cases an inheritance, the sale of a business or the loss of a spouse through divorce or death triggers their need. Frequently, they are the next generation of a family who has relied on Bartlett. Whatever the situation, age or financial position, there’s a Bartlett team to match.

Foundations and Endowments

Bartlett understands the unique needs of not-for-profit organizations and offers them a diverse group of investment strategies, along with client-focused service. In addition to investment management services, Bartlett advises boards on the development of investment policy statements, creating and evaluating spending policy issues and provides direction on other financial issues specific to foundations and endowments.

Institutions and Businesses

Businesses and institutions turn to Bartlett for our deep understanding of their unique sectors. We provide guidance on retirement plans for corporate and non-profit organizations; manage assets of public and corporate funds and analyze securities in Taft-Hartley plans for their adherence to specific union practices and issues.